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Foot and Ankle Pain

There are 26 bones in each foot and many more muscles and tendons! So it is not surprising to know that there are many types of foot and ankle pain. Some may be quite specific, such as heel pain or pain in the ball of the foot, pain can be general aches and can get worse at night.


Footwear while often at fault is often wrongly blamed for foot pain, however the design of the shoe can be the cause of a foot pain.

It may be that at least 75% of foot and ankle pain is due to a misalignment of the bones within the foot.

Because things are not where they are supposed to be some parts of the foot may be working too hard which can cause fatigue and pain.


Your podiatrist will discuss all treatments with you at the consultation and provide an effective course of treatment.

Misalignments such as flat feet and very high arches may be helped with shoe inserts called Orthotics. Orthotics are designed to return the bones within the foot to as close as possible the ‘neutral’ position.

Manipulation techniques such as physiotherapy or chiropractic therapy may also help.

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