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Your First Treatment

At your first consultation your podiatrist will take details of your address and contact details including telephone numbers.

They will also need to know your date of birth and the name of your medical practitioner.

A medical history will be taken, please let your podiatrist decide what is important and relevant . They will need to know all the medicines you are using (tablets, injections, sprays, suppositories etc.) Remember our advice can only be based on the information given and any treatment plan suggested may not be safe if you don’t provide this information.

A brief description of why you are seeking help is also recorded, this will usually be in your own words.
Your Podiatrist will then commence an examination of your feet. A treatment plan will then be suggested and treatment will begin…

Consent Forms
• This practice uses consent forms for any invasive procedure such as local analgesics or any form of surgery.
• It is a legal document which states you understand what we are going to do.
• The use of consent forms ensures you understand the procedure and any implications.
• If you need more information or don’t understand don’t sign.

Please read our Frequently Asked Question section for more details. or contact us on 01252 545 454.



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