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Verruca are caused by the human papova virus, they are very common and most people will get at least one at some point during their lifetime.

The virus infects the layer of skin called the epidermis causing a growth of viral induced skin: the verruca.

Verruca Removal/Treatment

Often the body’s own immune system will get rid of a verruca, this usually takes 6-9 months.

When a verruca is particularly stubborn or painful, intervention is sometimes needed. This can take the form of a ‘home’ treatment such as Occlusol or Salactol or professional help.

We can treat verruca with a variety of therapies: Freezing, Electrocautery and electrosurgery, homeopathy and a wide range caustics and acids.

Treatment depends on the site and size of the verruca as well as medical history and age and temperament of the patient.

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