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Hard Skin Removal & Heel Cracks

Hard skin is caused by pressure on your foot and this your body’s way of protecting the sole of the foot.

Your Chiropodist will remove the hard skin safely with a scalpel and advise you how to keep your feet in good condition.

The heels crack for many reasons. Cracks or fissures can be due to a biomechanical problem where the muscles in the backs of your legs are too tight and this causes your heel to rub in your shoe.

Hard skin may often lead to heel cracks. Hard skin is inflexible and is prone to cracking becoming difficult to heal because there are two hard pieces of skin trying to join together. Whatever the reason, your Chiropodist will reduce the hard skin on each side of the crack thus allowing the skin to heal.

Your Chiropodist will also provide information on how to avoid getting hard skin and heel cracks and the use of creams to help promote healthy skin on the heels.

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