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Nail Treatments

There are whole books written about nail problems.

Common ones include fungal infections, traumatic injury, chronic damage, psoriasis and candida.

For more information on fungal infections click here.

Ingrown Toenail

This condition is where the nail plate cuts into the skin at tip of the toe. It is often VERY painful.

Your podiatrist is skilled at helping this condition.

Sometimes the spike can be removed giving almost instant relief, if this is too painfull a local analgesic can be used to make the procedure pain free.

A surgical procedure called a ‘Nail Wedge Resection’ or ‘Partial Nail Avulsion’ (PNA) can be used. This is where part of the side of the nail including the offending spike is removed in a way that ensures it won’t grow back.

The practice uses palliative as well as surgical treatments and your Podiatrist will discuss the options they recommend.

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